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Glossary Crossword

– A great reading, spelling & vocabulary lesson! I keep a graph book in my relief folder for activities like this…


Students choose a non-fiction book that has a glossary at the back – preferably on a topic that they are studying in class!
Show them how to make a crossword ; drawing the boxes, linking the words, numbering the boxes & then listing the clues at the bottom.
Students use the words & definitions found in the glossary to create their crossword.
When finished they can swap with another student to complete.

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Read the Teacher’s Mind!

– You can have students play this vocabulary game individually or in small groups.
– Teacher writes a category on the board (eg: ice cream flavours, weather, animals that use camouflage, types of transport, space)
– Teacher then writes 5 or 10 words associated with the topic on a sheet of paper that students cannot see. These can be typical words or a little obscure if you want to be tricky!
– Then give students 5 minutes to write down as many words as they can that relate to the topic.
– When time is up, teacher shares the words on their list. Students circle any of the teacher’s words that appear on their lists.
– Give each student/group a point for each word that matches a word on the teacher’s list (you choose if spelling needs to be correct).
– Play another round, keep a points tally. The group or student with the most points is the winner!