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Sharing ideas to help make relief teaching fun, enjoyable, and meaningful.

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Attention Grabbers

It’s always a good idea to have something that the students can quickly learn, to grab their attention. There are many different attention grabbers out there (clapping, bells, sayings).
Whatever you use, try to be consistent so you don’t confuse the students!

Some of my favorites include:

Teacher says / Students say

Macaroni Cheese / Everybody Freeze
Pop! / Corn!
 Class (in a funny voice) / yes (said in same funny voice)
Hands on top / That means stop (hands are on head)

What do you like to use?

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Read the Teacher’s Mind!

– You can have students play this vocabulary game individually or in small groups.
– Teacher writes a category on the board (eg: ice cream flavours, weather, animals that use camouflage, types of transport, space)
– Teacher then writes 5 or 10 words associated with the topic on a sheet of paper that students cannot see. These can be typical words or a little obscure if you want to be tricky!
– Then give students 5 minutes to write down as many words as they can that relate to the topic.
– When time is up, teacher shares the words on their list. Students circle any of the teacher’s words that appear on their lists.
– Give each student/group a point for each word that matches a word on the teacher’s list (you choose if spelling needs to be correct).
– Play another round, keep a points tally. The group or student with the most points is the winner!

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Leaving Feedback for Class Teacher

It’s really important to leave feedback for the classroom teacher. This can sometimes be done verbally or by email, but usually it’s by leaving notes.
A friend of mine used to leave gorgeous cards on the teacher’s desk, filling them in with how the day went. It was so nice to return to my class to see the card sitting on my desk!
I thought I would share what I use. It’s not particularly fancy but it works for me!

Feedback Form
(updated version)
feedback pic

You can find more helpful tips & forms here: