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Activity Tag

Activity Tag is an easy fitness game that requires little set up or equipment.
1. Write out 8 or more actions on pieces of card.*
Some ideas:
– 10 jumping jacks
– say the alphabet while running on the spot
– kangaroo hop 20 times
– moonwalk to the count of 10
– have the kids come up with some – they usually come up with some great ideas!
2. Outline the boundaries – either with cones or lines on a basketball court.
3. Hand out the cards to 8 students. They are now “it”.
4. When they tag someone they give them the card they have. That person who was tagged is now “it”. They have to do whatever the card says & then chase after others trying to tag them so they can pass the card on.
5. Continue to play until they start to tire!

*Here is a free download of the instructions and also some activity cards that you can print and laminate to use for the game.
activity tag
activity tagactivity tag 2