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Straw Rocket Launcher

My little boy doesn’t sit still long enough to watch much TV. However, one of the few shows he LOVES & will watch is Mr Maker. He loves the crafts (especially when scissors & glue are involved) & he loves the shapes.
Last week we borrowed a Mr Maker DVD from the library. We got so many good crafting ideas from it! One of these was the straw rocket launcher he made.
I thought they would not only be fun for us to make & play with at home, but would also be a great craft to do in the classroom.
They would match a classroom space theme, go well with a book like “Little Rocket’s Special Star” by Julie Sykes or be a fun way to practice counting down from 10 for a rocket blast off!

Our laptop is out of action right now (thank goodness for Smartphones!) so I had to draw our rocket & shooting star. You could easily Google and find outlines to print & use instead of drawing them.

Here’s how we made ours:

1. Fold a piece of paper in half.

2. Draw one side of the rocket & colour.

3. Cut out the rocket. Because the page is folded in half, when you cut you will be left with two rockets, exactly the same. If you’re printing yours from the computer you can just print 2 copies!

4. Decorate & colour the 2nd rocket.

5. Glue both sides together, leaving a small opening at the bottom, leading to the centre. I also added some cellophane for a flame effect.

6. Insert a straw in the opening.

7. Blow through the straw & watch your rocket (or star) fly through the air!

A few things we discovered while we made & tested ours…
make sure all the edges are sealed, except for the opening, or it won’t work! We ended up glueing around the rocket opening, to make it smaller than what it is pictured above.
– adding a paper clip to the top of the rocket makes it work better
– smaller shapes work better than larger; next time I will make the rocket half the size!
– card works better than paper

We had lots of fun launching both the shooting star & rocket around the house!