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Popular Facebook Posts – Special Ed

Kim asks: “Hi, I’ve just been asked to be school SEP- Special Ed teacher tomorrow and I don’t know what to expect. Has anyone had much experience in this field?”

Relief Teaching Ideas – I haven’t had very much experience in this field but I would make an educated guess to say that the students would be working on a set program & activities would be left for them to do. I would also assume that there would be education assistants who would be working with you & they will be able to point you in the right direction as far as schedules, routines, student backgrounds & where resources are kept. Good luck! It sounds like a really good experience! I love the variety of classes & lessons that goes along with being a relief teacher!

Sarah – I had a day in one today and it was fantastic I brought in lots of hands on activities such as play dough and they created Site words and characters from a story I read with it. Good luck. I hope it goes well for you!

Alisha – Make sure you ask the aides lots of questions and be careful with your behaviour management. I was in a class the other day and I told off a girl for talking on the mat (unbeknownst to me she has anxiety issues) and then she got very upset, the poor lamb. It’d be nice if some teachers could leave a file with student info, especially for the ability groupings!

Lauren – Let the teachers aide guide you they are generally a fountain of knowledge, stick to the routine as much as possible and have fun!

Za-Za – I was on Special Ed a few weeks ago and completely unprepared! Think preschool, fine motor, gross motor, colouring and hands on. Sensory items and very concrete activities. Not a very long concentration span so lots of variety. Also, stories are great but concrete – I read Room on the Broom but the concept of an imaginary witch didn’t capture the children. They were an absolute joy! Singing with actions etc. Enjoy!

Mandy – Where you can stick to routine as much as possible… the sso will be a god send to u and will b able to help with all things based around daily timetable… keep transitions quick as this is where they tend to get themselves in trouble… but have fun, the special ed kids are the best…. I spent 2 years with them & just finished a term block as well & they are beautiful, full of character…..

Marion – Look to your learning support teachers for guidance…… They are worth their weight in gold and whenever I’ve done special ed they have been amazing!

Loretta – I love working in special ed……I always ask lots of questions and get advice from whoever is in the special ed unit. The kids I worked with are sticklers for routine and enjoyed hands-on activities. I worked one-on-one in class or in the special ed unit, or with small groups. I always introduced myself and asked the kids about themselves to try to build rapport. Be friendly and flexible and have fun, this is such a rewarding area to work in.

Kate – I regularly get put on special Ed classes. There should be an aide. They’ll know the routine. Just be patient. Expect to feel tired at the end but it’s rewarding. You’ll repeat yourself but the range of personalities can leave you exhausted and wanting to tear your hair out but loving it and them and wanting to go back. At least that’s how I feel. It’s not easy. But it’s so worth it. The aide should be able to explain routine and what to expect from the kids. They’re a blessing

Sera – Make sure you know each individual students routine & triggers, nothing scarier than they go off & you don’t know what you did to set them off!

Emily – If its in an actual special needs school you’ll definitely have a few EA’s. Don’t be afraid to ask them lots of questions because they’re the ones that know the students best. They will definitely need to stick to their schedules because that is one of the major things that will set most kids off. Be very clear with the language you use and try not to be nervous/scared because some kids will be able to pick up on it!
I hope your day goes well good luck and have fun!!