Relief Teaching Ideas

Sharing ideas to help make relief teaching fun, enjoyable, and meaningful.

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Sight Word Race

Split the class into two teams. Have them line up in their teams in front of the whiteboard.
Teacher writes sight words on board. Write each word more than once.
Hand the first student of each line a whiteboard eraser.
Teacher calls out a word.
First student to rub out the correct word gets a point for their team.
The erasers get passed to the next students in line.
Teacher continues calling out the words until all words are erased.
Team with the most points wins.

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Creative Chants

There are many ways for students to learn new things. Some are exciting & hands on but some, like rote learning, can be a little tedious! To make rote learning & memorization of times tables, sight words, rules or Bible verses more fun you can introduce different chant styles.
I’ve used some of these but have only recently found these printable cards that have even more creative chants. I’ll be printing these out & adding them to my Relief Folder.

Phonics Chart 1Phonics Chart 2Phonics Chart 4Phonics Chart 3