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Egg, Chicken, Dinosaur

Quick Game – Egg, Chicken, Dinosaur

Years ago, a wonderful student teacher of mine taught me this game. It’s now a favourite of mine!

It’s a good warm down game after fitness, requires no equipment & can be played indoors or outdoors.

The goal of this game is to work your way up, by beating other players at Rock-Paper-Scissors, to the “position” of king or queen.

The order you work up through is egg, chicken, dinosaur, prince or princess and finally to king or queen.

Demonstrate to students:
– Eggs waddle on the ground in a little ball
– Chickens walk and squat while flapping their wings and “clucking”
-Dinosaurs “roar” standing up
– Princes/princesses “prance” around holding an imaginary scepter – Kings and queens stand to the side, regally & waving royally

How to play:
-Everyone starts out as an egg. You find another egg and play Rock-Paper-Scissors.
-The winner “grows” into a chicken who finds another chicken to play against. The loser remains an egg & has to find another egg to play against.
-Whoever wins between the chickens grows” into a dinosaur. The loser remains a chicken & finds another chicken to play against.
-Once a dinosaur you must find another dinosaur to play against. If you lose you remain a dinosaur & find another dinosaur to play against.
-The next step is becoming a prince or princess, which of course means playing against another prince or princess.
-If you win you become a King or Queen and stand off to the side. If you lose you remain a prince or princess & look for another to play against.

The game is either played until students tire or there is only one egg, chicken, dinosaur and prince. All other players will be kings or queens.