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Reading Across the Universe – Book Report

This year’s Book Week theme is ‘Reading Across the Universe.’

Here is a rocket themed book report outline that you can print & photocopy for your students.

I recommend enlarging to A3 size because the rocket is on the small size! You can also cut the rocket out, add some cellophane or steamers to the bottom to make flames & then create a bulletin board display with stars, the moon & planets! The stars could be book recommendations students write for their peers.

I have made two basic outlines. One with lines that could be used for ‘beginning, middle & end’ summaries or to write about the setting, characters, problem & resolution of a story. The other I have left blank spaces for students to simply draw and label characters, setting & a favourite part of the story.

rocket book report


rocket book report junior




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Making Reading Connections

Have I mentioned my love for Post-its yet? Love them and so do kids! They can be a great motivational tool in the classroom. Here’s a way you can use them to make sure students are engaged during silent reading time.

During silent reading time hand students post-it notes. Explain that reading is thinking & good readers make connections with what they are reading.

While they read they need to jot down either:
– text to text connections (this reminds me of a book or character called…… because …..)
– text to self connections they can make (something similar happened to me…I know someone who reminds of…I have a dog just like….)

At the end of silent reading time they can share with the rest of the class any connections they made with their books.

You can leave this chart up in your room for students to continually add to it throughout the term.


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Kite Book Report




Here’s a creative way to present a book report. I’ve made them with many classes as a classroom teacher but they could easily be done while relief teaching as a once off literacy lesson.

-Cut an A4 piece of paper into a square.
-Fold the corners down into the centre.
– Label the sections ‘Characters, Setting, Problem, Resolution’ & decorate.
– Lift up each section & fill out (it’s best for students to do a draft copy on lined paper or in their writing books first). Junior grades could draw instead of write.
– On the inner centre section create an alternate front cover for the book. This needs to include the book title & author.
– Attach streamers or strips of crepe paper to one corner.

These make a colourful display on a classroom wall!