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Popcorn Maths

We’re a little popcorn mad at the moment. My almost 3 year old has recently discovered the fun of making & eating popcorn from our air popper. A lot safer (but probably not as exciting) as the pot & oil my dad used to use! As kids, we used to stand around the stove, trying to catch the pieces flying out of the pot!

When I saw this writing prompt idea from ‘Apples to Appliqué’ on Pinterest, the red & white popcorn box immediately caught my eye!

I thought it would make a fun maths activity.

I had some popcorn boxes that I had bought from Woolworths. I found them near the party supplies, in case you were interested!

I filled the popcorn boxes with crumpled up pieces of yellow and white paper. I didn’t bother to make popcorn shapes but that would be cute if you had the time!

On the white paper (plain popcorn) I wrote numbers, on the yellow (buttered popcorn) I wrote math symbols (+ – x ). I didn’t include the division symbol because it would’ve made the activity too complicated! Depending on your class year level, you can choose larger or smaller numbers, and the types of symbols, to suit the students’ abilities.

You could also enlist the help of the students to write on the pieces of paper. That would make it a lot easier to create enough boxes for each group or pair. Store the popcorn pieces on ziplock bags for later use.

Students can then choose 2 pieces of white popcorn and 1 piece of yellow. They write the equation and answer in their books. Some students may only do 5 questions in the set time, others may complete 20!