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Chain Link Number Bonds


Students use paper (2 different colours), scissors & glue to make paper chain number bonds. Attach a card at the top or bottom to record the sum.

If you don’t have access to coloured paper you could get students to colour the paper before cutting into strips.

We made bonds for 10 & a sum of 20.
(Although I think my little boy was more excited about cutting, glueing & linking, than making sums!)

Below  you’ll also find a link to a YouTube clip “Friends of Ten.”


A Maths Dictionary

maths dictionary

A Maths Dictionary for Kids is a FREE, interactive online math dictionary. It’s a great tool to introduce & explain new topics.

The math charts section is great too! Handy to print relevant charts out & to keep in your Relief Folder.

*The author, Jenny Eather, also created the fantastic web sites ‘Rainforest Maths’ & ‘Writing Fun’. These websites now require a fee to access them.