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Golden Child

This is a game well known & loved by the kids at the school I last worked at & still do relief work for…

– You will need access to a basketball court & ball
– Split class into two teams
– One team lines up in front of the basketball hoop (shooting team)
– The other team (the running team) lines up to the side, on the corner of the basketball court, & must choose a “Golden Child” who will be their last runner and stand at the end of the line.
– When the teacher blows the whistle to begin, the shooting team takes turns shooting for a goal. At the same time the first person in line on the running team starts running around the outside of the basketball court. When they return they tag the next runner.
– If the shooting team gets a goal the teacher will either yell stop or blow their whistle to signal to the runner to stop & bob down wherever they are on their way around the court. The next runner in line for the running team then starts running.
– When all other runners have had a turn it is the “Golden Child’s” turn to run. As they run around the court they can tag their team members, who have had to stop & bob down, to free them so they can continue running around the court to the end.
– Meanwhile the shooting team will be madly taking turns trying to get a goal to stop the golden child & all the other freed runners from crossing the finish point!
– Teams swap over

Winning team is the team who has the most runners to get all around the court.