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The Ummm Game

The classroom teacher that I did relief work for today, reminded me of this oral language game I used to play when I was a classroom teacher.

-Write topics on small pieces of paper (eg: food, weather, birthdays, homework) & place in a container.
-Choose a student to come up to the front & select a piece of paper without looking.
– The student then has to talk about this topic, as the teacher times them.
– Time stops & the student is out as soon as they say “um” or “uh”.
– Choose another student to come up to choose a topic & have a go. Keep choosing students for as long as you’d like to play the game.
– Winner is whoever can speak the longest without saying “um”.

It’s harder than it sounds!!! I’ve had some students who can’t believe that the first word out of their own mouth is (yep, you guessed it!) “um!”