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Creative Book Activity – Windblown by Edouard Manceau

This is a great book to have in your Relief Teaching Bag! Simple but a very clever idea.
Windblown is the story of 7 scraps of paper that get tossed around by the wind, and then claimed by different animals. Each page shows how the same scraps create a different shaped animal.
The wind plays the narrator & after all the animals disagree on who the paper belongs to, it ends up blowing & scattering all the pieces, asking the reader to make their own creation.
At the back of the book is a web address where you can go to print off the 7 shapes.

Click to access windblown-activity.pdf

I love seeing what animals the kids come up with!

A little tip to save on paper…print one copy off & then trace the number of shapes you need on the coloured paper. 🙂




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Curious Ferdinand & His Magic Spectacles by Anna Fienberg

‘The Magnificent Nose & Other Marvels’ by Anna Fienberg is a compilation of stories about five children who each have some sort of remarkable gift. One of my university lecturers introduced me to this book. I loved it so much, I went & bought a copy of it that same week & have used it with a wide range of year levels since.

One of the stories is about a little boy named Ferdinand. He comes across a pair of magic spectacles that give him the remarkable ability to see the inner workings of people’s bodies & what is ailing or hurting them. Things like broken bones, fevers or even an inflamed appendix. He ends up helping the Prime Minister, who has an itchy ear & brain, when he sees & removes a spider from his ear!

After reading the story brainstorm with the class other powers a magical set of spectacles could give them.
Do they:
– Turn invisible?
– Fly?
– Read minds?
– Talk to animals?

Hand out these ‘Crazy Glasses’ templates from Picklebums.

The students can then decorate & make up a pair of their own magic spectacles, just like Ferdinand’s.

What special powers do their glasses give them?
Use these glasses as a writing prompt for students to write their own adventure.