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The Sequel – A Writing Prompt


After you finish reading a book to the class (novel, short story or picture book) brainstorm with the class what they think happens to the characters next.

– Do they live “happily ever after”?
– Do they stay in the same place or move?
– Who might they meet next?
– Have they learnt from previous mistakes or events or will they repeat the same mistakes?
– What adventure could they go on next?

Discuss with the class how some sequels pick up right where the story ended, others skip years ahead & some are prequels, which tell the events that happened before the original story. They will need to decide where they want their story to start up from.

Give students some time to talk to a partner or small group about their ideas. They could even sketch setting, characters & scenario ideas. Have them report back to the class with some of their ideas.

Have them then write a sequel to the story. It needs to include at least one of the original characters & have a new problem that needs to be resolved.

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Kite Book Report




Here’s a creative way to present a book report. I’ve made them with many classes as a classroom teacher but they could easily be done while relief teaching as a once off literacy lesson.

-Cut an A4 piece of paper into a square.
-Fold the corners down into the centre.
– Label the sections ‘Characters, Setting, Problem, Resolution’ & decorate.
– Lift up each section & fill out (it’s best for students to do a draft copy on lined paper or in their writing books first). Junior grades could draw instead of write.
– On the inner centre section create an alternate front cover for the book. This needs to include the book title & author.
– Attach streamers or strips of crepe paper to one corner.

These make a colourful display on a classroom wall!