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Concertina Changing Pictures


I love an activity that only requires basic materials like A4 paper, pencils, rulers, scissors and glue.
These concertina pictures are a perfect example of how simple materials can create great results.

When you look at them straight on the pictures are mixed up. When you look from either side a different picture is revealed!

They can be a bit fiddly to piece together so I would recommend this activity for years 4 and up. Some year 3 classes may be okay to do this too.

Here are a few ideas for pictures:
– showing changes in seasons
– as a follow up to reading the book ‘My Place’ by Nadia Wheatley, showing a house or scene changed over time
– a dormant and active volcano
– a face showing two different emotions
– a clean and polluted environment
– sunrise and day time
– night and day
– a person aging

To create a picture you will need two A4 pieces of paper (one cut in half), scissors, glue, ruler, and markers & pencils.


Draw a picture on one of the pieces of paper you have cut in half. I have found that simple pictures often work the best. I have also found that it is easier to go over your drawing in black marker so that it is easy to trace over the design onto the other piece of paper.


Trace whatever shape or picture you want to be the same on both pictures.

Draw both of your pictures.

Flip the pictures over and use a ruler to mark out and draw even vertical strips. Mine were 2.5cm wide. Label one page with numbers (I had 1-6) and the other with letters (I had A-F).


On the other piece of paper (the full A4 sized piece) mark out lines the same size as the ones you did on the back of the pictures.
IMPORTANT: Label these from RIGHT to LEFT (opposite to how you would normally), alternating numbers & letters. In my picture they read – 6, F, 5, E, 4, D, 3, C, 2, B, 1, A
Cut out the strips on the pictures. Make sure to try to cut as straight as you can!

Glue the strips down onto the A4 paper, matching up the correct numbers and letters.

Fold the paper concertina style.

Open up to reveal the pictures! You can also glue or staple the end pieces to a piece of paper or card to make it easier to display on a wall.




Let me know if if you give these pictures a try or if you have any other ideas of how to use them!

4 thoughts on “Concertina Changing Pictures

  1. Love this! Will definitely try it.

  2. I am going to try to use this technique to make a “changing picture” for Halloween. I’m not the greatest artist, so I’ll hopefully find a photo, alter it to make it “spooky” then use both pics for this technique. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  3. Thank you so much for your wonderful idea. My school is merging with 3 others so just what I need to help them make the transition.

  4. Hi, does the outline of the tree have to be traced so they are identical?

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