Relief Teaching Ideas

Sharing ideas to help make relief teaching fun, enjoyable, and meaningful.


Fraction Art

Students create a colourful art piece while learning about shape, symmetry & fractions!

1. Trace around a circle shape onto coloured paper. I used a plastic lid. If you don’t have coloured paper, students can colour the circles in before they cut them out.

2. Cut the circles out.

3. Fold the circles into halves, quarters & eighths.


4. Cut along the fold lines to create fraction pieces.

5. Give students time to investigate & explore the fraction pieces. Discuss equivalent fractions (how many eighths fit into a half?) & practice adding & subtracting fractions.


6. When students are finished exploring, have them create a symmetrical picture using their fractions pieces. They don’t need to use all of their pieces! They can glue their picture onto white or black paper/card.

These make a fantastic bulletin board display!


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Place Value Envelopes – What’s My Number?

I just made these cards very simply by cutting up coloured paper, hand writing the numbers on them & then popped them into numbered envelopes. Students choose an envelope, sort & place the cards into the correct columns, and then practice writing & saying the large numbers.

To make a more durable version, create the cards on the computer, print them on coloured paper and then laminate.



Beat the Teacher – A Place Value Game


Students draw up a playing grid like the one pictured. You can get them to draw up more or less columns, depending on how big of a number you would like them to practice.

The teacher takes out all of the picture cards from a deck of cards & then shuffles the remaining cards.

The teacher then flips over one card at a time & calls it out. If the teacher flips a 10 that will be called out as a ‘0’.

Students write the number called out in one of the columns. They need to decide where the best place it should go. The teacher will also do the same but without letting the students see.

The teacher will continue drawing cards until all of the columns are filled out. The students and the teacher call out their final number.

If the student has a higher number than the teacher they receive 5 points. If it is the same, 3 points. If it is less, 0 points.
If the teacher gets a higher number than all of the students then they receive 20 points!

You can play as many rounds as you would like.