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Fraction Art


Students create a colourful art piece while learning about shape, symmetry & fractions!

1. Trace around a circle shape onto coloured paper. I used a plastic lid. If you don’t have coloured paper, students can colour the circles in before they cut them out.

2. Cut the circles out.

3. Fold the circles into halves, quarters & eighths.


4. Cut along the fold lines to create fraction pieces.

5. Give students time to investigate & explore the fraction pieces. Discuss equivalent fractions (how many eighths fit into a half?) & practice adding & subtracting fractions.


6. When students are finished exploring, have them create a symmetrical picture using their fractions pieces. They don’t need to use all of their pieces! They can glue their picture onto white or black paper/card.

These make a fantastic bulletin board display!


4 thoughts on “Fraction Art

  1. Reblogged this on And Lucky Last… and commented:
    Apologies for being so quiet, I’m actually preparing for my first lot of exams. In the meantime enjoy this excellent Fraction Art activity from Relief Teaching Ideas!

  2. This is a gorgeous activity. I hope I can try this with a relief class soon. 🙂

    Nickee 🙂

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