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Beat the Teacher – A Place Value Game



Students draw up a playing grid like the one pictured. You can get them to draw up more or less columns, depending on how big of a number you would like them to practice.

The teacher takes out all of the picture cards from a deck of cards & then shuffles the remaining cards.

The teacher then flips over one card at a time & calls it out. If the teacher flips a 10 that will be called out as a ‘0’.

Students write the number called out in one of the columns. They need to decide where the best place it should go. The teacher will also do the same but without letting the students see.

The teacher will continue drawing cards until all of the columns are filled out. The students and the teacher call out their final number.

If the student has a higher number than the teacher they receive 5 points. If it is the same, 3 points. If it is less, 0 points.
If the teacher gets a higher number than all of the students then they receive 20 points!

You can play as many rounds as you would like.


7 thoughts on “Beat the Teacher – A Place Value Game

  1. What does the columns along the top in the middle stand for? Hth, Tth, Th, H, T, O

  2. Why does the student get 29 points if teacher scores higher than all of them? Looks like a great game though!

    • Hi Linda, the teacher is the one who gets 20 points if their number is higher than all of the students. It’s a motivator for the students to try to beat the teacher! Sorry for any confusion.

  3. Is there a number of points either the teacher or the students is/are trying to reach to win the game?

  4. Excelente actividad para ponerla en práctica y trabajar los números enteros de varias cifras, muchas gracias lo pondré en práctica.

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