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Ouch! Stories

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Using bandaids as a writing prompt…

Kids love to talk about skinned knees, bruises, stitches & broken bones. They also love bandaids -I’m not sure why!

Have students write about a time that they hurt themselves.
– Where were they?
– What were they doing?
– How did they get hurt?
– What were their injuries?
– Who helped them?

Hand out an assortment of bandaids. You can get all sorts of colours, shapes, even patterned bandaids now! The students can use the bandaids to help illustrate what happened.

I originally saw this bandaid picture on Pinterest but unfortunately there was no link to share. If anyone knows the original source please let me know & I will link back to them.

This writing activity lends itself well to discussions about people in our community who can help us when we get hurt. You can also discuss with the class what they should do if they get hurt or if they see someone get hurt.

Books that I think would also match up with this activity include:

“Boo Hoo Bird” by Jeremy Tankard
“Ouch! I Need a Plaster” by Nick Sharratt
“Charlie is Broken”
“Ouch!”by Ragnhild Scamell
“Ouch! Jack & Jill” by Sharon Coan


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