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Colouring Book Stories

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I have a collection of colouring books that I purchased at various $2 shops. Some have very simple pictures suitable for younger grades, others have more intricate, elaborate pictures, more suitable for older grades. I’ve also tried to choose a wide variety of topics to suit different tastes!
I show & read my example to the class & explain that the picture I chose shows the ending of my story.
Students can choose a picture from a book & I help them carefully rip out a page. They need to decide if the picture is showing the beginning (setting/characters), middle (problem) or ending (resolution) of the problem.
They glue the colouring page into their writing book or on a piece of A3 paper. They then write a story to go with the picture they chose. If they are using an A3 piece of paper have them write their story on lined paper & glue this to the A3 paper, alongside the picture. If their story is longer than 1 page they can glue the top of the first page over the top of the bottom page, so they can lift it up to see the rest of the story.
When they’ve finished their writing they can add a title & a border and then colour in the picture.



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