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Friendly Fish or Piranha?!


Yesterday I was working in an Art Room & I got one of the classes to make some ‘Fish or Piranha’ pictures – so much fun!

I originally saw this idea on Pinterest. Here is the original link:


I really loved this clever art project & wanted to try it but when I clicked on the link the instructions weren’t in English. By looking at the pictures & playing around with some paper, I think I worked out the fold correctly. 🙂

1. Start off with a piece of drawing paper. I used an A4 sized piece but if you had more time, students could make A3 sized pictures.

2. Lift up the bottom edge & fold the paper on half.

3. Fold down the top flap.

4. Draw the fish in pencil. Draw in a small smile, close to & touching the fold line. Add spots, scales or lines to decorate. It’s very important to draw all the fish detail in first so that when it’s folded down all the lines join up!

5. Open up & finish piranha – connect lines, draw mouth & teeth (first bottom tooth starts from the smile line).


6. Go over with black marker.

7. Add colour with pencils, crayons or water colours. I used crayons for this example.



Hope you enjoy this art project as much as I did!

9 thoughts on “Friendly Fish or Piranha?!

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  2. Reblogged this on And Lucky Last… and commented:
    Another fabulous idea to test out one day…

  3. Thank you Denise, this activity has really helped set me up for my first CRT day of teaching art. I will be teaching 7 grades across different year levels, so I have a number of activities up my sleeve. This one will be very popular. Thanks again 🙂

  4. I used this in the art room with years 3 and 4 last week. They absolutely loved this activity! I’m back in the art room again this week with more grades and can’t wait to help the students make some more fish/piranhas! Thanks 🙂

  5. Do you get the kids to draw the fish/piranha, or do you draw it and give them photocopies? Also which grade would it be good for?

    • I get the students to draw their own fish. I’ve done this activity with students ranging from year 1 to year 5s. I had to go through the steps very carefully & slowly with the year 1s but they were able to do it!

      • Thanks so much! It’s such a great idea – I was just worried that it might be too hard for some kids. I will definitely try it! It looks wonderful!

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