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Felt Board Story Pictures

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You can buy felt boards & stories or make your own like I did! This one is quite large (120x90cm!) but smaller ones would be a lot easier to transport between classrooms.

To make a bought two 60x90cm pieces of corrugated cardboard (the type that has a smooth surface) from Bunnings.

I also bought an assortment of coloured felt squares, craft glue & 300cm dark blue felt from Spotlight. I bought an extra long piece of felt just in case of mistakes!

I laid the felt flat on the table & then placed the two pieces of board side by side on top of the felt. I didn’t glue the boards together because I wanted it to stand up like an open, upright book.

I then folded the felt over the boards & trimmed the excess off (like you would do if covering a book in contact).

I glued the felt to the board with craft glue.


You can see by my photo that the trimming wasn’t measured!

I then cut shapes & simple pictures from the felt* squares to use on the board. I am constantly updating these shapes, depending on my little boy’s likes & the stories we’re reading.


* a little tip I discovered using the felt…it doesn’t stick very well when it’s new. The more you use it, the better it sticks! Rub the pieces together to get them to stick quicker. 🙂

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