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Acrostic Booklets

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My little boy loves trucks (especially rubbish trucks) & lift the flap books. I thought I would combine the two & made some acrostic poem booklets.

A little disclaimer….I am in no way a very good drawer! So be kind as I share the examples I made. 🙂

First I cut the A4 paper into strips & then made each strip evenly shorter than the next. You will need 1 extra piece to put at the back for the last letter’s line & picture.

I then stapled the pages together to make a booklet.

I wrote the word I was writing the acrostic poem about on the front – 1 letter per flap.

I wrote each line of the poem under the corresponding letter & then illustrated.


Continue until all pages are complete!


Hope this all makes sense! I think this would make a great activity with a class. Kids love writing acrostic poetry & this is a different way of presenting it. I did find that I was limited to smaller words, using an A4 piece of paper. For larger words I would either use a larger piece of paper or cut the A4 into thinner strips.

One thought on “Acrostic Booklets

  1. This is a fantastic idea. I am going to use this with the year 4/5 class I am teaching atm.

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