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Jigsaw Pairs


zzjigsaw picture

There are so many things you could do with these! Here’s a few ideas:
– lower case/upper case letter matching
– sight words
– antonyms
– synonyms
– math sums
– shape names & pictures
– analogue/digital time
– subject area questions & answers

I’ve also handed out blank sheets of these to older kids to make up their own revision questions before a test. After writing the questions & answers on the pairs they cut them out, put the pieces into an envelope & swapped with another student to complete.

When making your own puzzles you can either add your own print using text boxes, print onto card & then cut out OR print them off blank & laminate so they can be changed to suit your needs. If you need more than 14 pairs you can print another sheet on different coloured card.

You could probably find some better quality jigsaw pairs than these ones I made using just Paint! But you are more than welcome to print them off onto some card & use if you would like to. 🙂

Click here to download & print:



7 thoughts on “Jigsaw Pairs

  1. Hi! What a great idea to review vocab, verbs, etc. in my Spanish class! Thank you! I am having trouble opening the jigsawmaster link to open the Word version so I can customize for my lessons. Please let me know if there is a new link to open the file. Thanks!

    • Hi 🙂
      I’m so sorry about that! I’m not sure what happened to that link. It’s all fixed now, so you should be able to open the file now. Hope you find it useful!

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  3. This is a great idea! I’ll use this tomorrow~~

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