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Class Good Behaviour Incentive – Complete the Jigsaw

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The class earns pieces to the puzzle when they are all working well. When the puzzle is complete they can have a predetermined reward like packing up early for a fitness game.
A classroom teacher could choose a larger puzzle & a bigger class reward like an end of term movie or class party.

*Attach magnetic strip to the back of puzzle pieces or use blu-tak so it can easily be put up on the whiteboard.

One thought on “Class Good Behaviour Incentive – Complete the Jigsaw

  1. Used this idea for the first time today, while relieving in a reception class. It was so successful! I was really pleased with how well the class responded to it. I outlined the expectations using 5 visual symbols that I got from another teacher online, then introduced this jigsaw idea. I didn’t have a ‘proper’ jigsaw, just drew a happy face picture on A4 paper and then cut up into about 10 pieces. Used blutac to attach to the white board whenever the class was working well. Thanks for the idea. As a reward, we did a smartie graphing activity and they got to eat some of the smarties at the end!

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