Beanbag Scavenger Hunt

Equipment: As many cones as you can find! Beanbags (15-20) - Try to set up without students watching you (send them for a warm up run around the oval!) - Place cones scattered on playing field/court. - Hide beanbags under the cones (you will need more cones than beanbags). - Split class into groups of 3 or 4. - Groups line up along the edge of playing field. - One person from each team will run out onto playing field & choose a cone to look under. If there is a beanbag they take it back to their team & tag the next player to run to a cone. - If there's not a beanbag under the cone they return to their team & the whole team has to do 5 jumping jacks (this is optional - you can decide if you want them to do this) & then the

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Wacky Web Tales

An interactive, online, build a story resource; asks students to use parts of speech (adjectives, nouns, verbs, etc..) to fill in the blanks. You could use this on a Smartboard or Data Projector as a whole class activity before or after a writing or grammar lesson. *Tip - Do up a practice story beforehand & print out for your own reference so you can guide the class in the right direction. This avoids any possible inappropriate phrases!! Here is the link...

FREE Shoe Printable Craft

Print off on card for students to decorate & colour. Use wool or string to lace up. If you have a junior class see if you can buddy up with an older class so they can help the little ones lace & practice tying up the shoes. You can find the original source & printable here: