Angry Birds Anger Management Lesson

What a great health lesson from "The Home Teacher"! She has made FREE printable posters & a student work booklet to help children understand their anger and learn some appropriate strategies to deal with it. The booklet helps students to identify what anger looks & feels like, goes through what you shouldn't do when you're angry & gives strategies to help them calm down when angry. A great resource to aid in classroom discussions about feelings & appropriate behaviors! For further information & to download the printables, click on the links below. Link to article & printables: Her original post about each of the angry birds and their role in helping kids understand and deal with their anger:

Beanbag Scavenger Hunt

Equipment: As many cones as you can find! Beanbags (15-20) - Try to set up without students watching you (send them for a warm up run around the oval!) - Place cones scattered on playing field/court. - Hide beanbags under the cones (you will need more cones than beanbags). - Split class into groups of 3 or 4. - Groups line up along the edge of playing field. - One person from each team will run out onto playing field & choose a cone to look under. If there is a beanbag they take it back to their team & tag the next player to run to a cone. - If there's not a beanbag under the cone they return to their team & the whole team has to do 5 jumping jacks (this is optional - you can decide if you want them to do this) & then the

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Wacky Web Tales

An interactive, online, build a story resource; asks students to use parts of speech (adjectives, nouns, verbs, etc..) to fill in the blanks. You could use this on a Smartboard or Data Projector as a whole class activity before or after a writing or grammar lesson. *Tip - Do up a practice story beforehand & print out for your own reference so you can guide the class in the right direction. This avoids any possible inappropriate phrases!! Here is the link...