Casual Relief Teaching Helpful Tips, Forms & Checklists

Just a quick post to let everyone know that I've just uploaded a new product to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store - 'Casual Relief Teaching - Tips, Helpful Forms & Checklists'. These forms and checklists are all resources that I have used myself, and I find them really helpful in keeping me organised. I hope that you find them just as useful!

Behaviour Management

Behaviour Management is a popular topic on our Facebook page. Students often act out when their usual teacher is away for the day. Here are some follower questions & the responses from other followers: Jennifer asks: "Hi all, does anyone have any behaviour management strategies for a 5/6 class? I feel like I've tried everything but they're just not working. I've kept them in at lunch, taken privileges away, tried to isolate them from other children, told them I'd be speaking to their class teacher and the deputy, but they refuse to listen. Today I sent one of them to another class, which I don't usually like to do because I don't want to involve other teachers, and asked him to fill out a behaviour reflection sheet. But we'll have to see how that goes. Some of them just aren't giving me the respect they should be. This is my

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Word Race

-Divide students into 3 or 4 teams (depending on how big your whiteboard is) & line them up in front of the white board. -Write one word on the board for each team. -One person from each team will go to the board to write a word that starts with the last letter of your word. -The next person in their team then has to think of a word that starts with the last letter of the word their team member wrote. -Students continue taking turns writing words on the board until you stop the game. -You can stop when groups start running out of space to write or after a set amount of time. -Add up each team's points. 1-3 Letters = 1 point 4-5 Letters = 2 points 6+ Letters = 3 points (Words that have been repeated or are incorrect do not count.) -The team with the

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