The Black Book of Colours

The Black Book of Colours by Menena Cottin is the most unique picture book I've come across. Unlike traditional picture books about colours, this book invites readers to imagine colours through the perspective of a blind person, using a person's senses to describe each colour, rather than using bright, colourful pictures. "Red is sour like unripe strawberries and as sweet as watermelon. It hurts when he finds it on his scraped knee." All of the illustrations are black and raised on a black background, and the text is written in both English and Braille. The descriptions of each colour are sweet and childlike, and you can't help but to touch all of the beautifully designed illustrations and Braille on each page. There is even a full Braille alphabet on the back page for you and your students to have a look at and touch. Kathy, one of the members of

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Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat by Britta Teckentrup Simple text & illustrations. Great for junior primary. After reading students can: - Write what made the cat so grumpy, what makes them grumpy & what they would do to cheer the cat up. - On a simple cat head shaped piece of card, they can make a 2 sided picture of the cat - 1 side grumpy, 1 side happy. -Can create either a mask or a puppet with their 2 sided picture. - Discuss how ignoring or leaving someone out can make them sad. What can they do if they see someone sad or by themselves in the playground. - Role play using puppets/masks

Wombat Stew

Yesterday I read Wombat Stew to a group of Receptions (Pre-Primary). The kids loved joining in with the chant 'Wombat stew, wombat stew, gooey, brewy, yummy chewy wombat stew'. We only read the book for enjoyment but there are many great literacy activities that you could do with this book. Here's just a few: 1. As a class search for & list all the words that end in 'y' (gooey, brewy, chewy, yummy, crunchy, munchy, etc) -Brainstorm more 'y' ending words - Create their own verses by following this outline: Wombat Stew, Wombat Stew, _____, _____ _____, _____ Wombat Stew! OR Create a verse for a different concoction like Kangaroo Cake, Platypus Pudding or Emu Soup. 2. Students write up a recipe for an unusual soup, stew or pudding. Create a class example first so students know how to set out a recipe. 3. As you read it out loud

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