Super Lemon Suds!

- Science fun, with a little cleaning thrown in! :) This simple science idea, showing the chemical reaction that occurs when you mix citric acid with bicarb soda, has the added fun of bubbles! Materials: -Clear container or cup -Measuring spoon - Spoon or stirrer (I used a chopstick!) - Liquid dish soap - Bicarb soda - Lemon cut in half Method: 1. Put about 1 tsp of bicarb soda in cup. 2. Stir in about 1 tsp of dish soap. 3. Squeeze lemon juice into cup & give it a stir. 4. Watch the bubbles form & rise up! Explanation: When you mix citric acid (the lemon juice) with bicarb soda a chemical reaction occurs, creating carbon dioxide gas & water. The gas is seen as bubbles but when you add the dish soap it creates even more bubbles. Experiment: Students could test out what happens with different brands

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