I Spy With My Little Eye

Perfect to play when the students have packed up & you still have 5 minutes until the end of the day. Either put up on the Smartboard, Data Projector or print & enlarge onto two A3 pieces of paper. This would also make a fantastic barrier game. Hand out the sheet to all students. Students pair up & put upright books in between them so they can't see each others page. They then take turns calling out instructions for both of them to do - eg: "Colour the love heart yellow." When time is up they can compare their pictures to see if they're the same. Link to the 'Just Something I Made' page & PDF: http://justsomethingimade.com/wp-content/uploads/27117572-JSIM-I-Spy-Fun-sheet.pdf

Sight Word Race

Split the class into two teams. Have them line up in their teams in front of the whiteboard. Teacher writes sight words on board. Write each word more than once. Hand the first student of each line a whiteboard eraser. Teacher calls out a word. First student to rub out the correct word gets a point for their team. The erasers get passed to the next students in line. Teacher continues calling out the words until all words are erased. Team with the most points wins.

Race Against the Ball

Equipment: Ball 1. Divide the class into two teams. 2. One team stands in a circle, arm span apart. The other team stands in a line, to the side, near the circle. 3. When teacher blows the whistle or says "Go", the team in the circle passes the ball around the circle. *Teacher will need to keep count how many times they pass the ball completely around the circle. 4. The other team take turns running around the outside of the circle, tagging the next person in line when they return & then sitting down. 5. Once the running team have all gone around the circle, stop the throwing team. 6. Swap over. >The team who passes the ball around the circle the most is the winner!