Movie Camera Game

The Movie Camera Game is a fun fitness activity that doesn't require any equipment. Students move around a set area, according to what the teacher calls out. Play = walk around Pause = jump Stop = freeze Fast Forward = run Rewind = move backwards Slow Motion = move very slowly Delete = lay face first on the ground For an added twist you can also announce what type of scene they need to act out. Some examples of scenes to act out: -An African safari with animals roaming around - People walking to work in the city - Fish swimming under the sea - Farm animals in a barn

Elimination Dodgeball

One person is designated as "it" and is given a dodgeball. "It" then chases the rest of the group throwing the ball at them. If someone is hit (has to be waist or below) they must sit down where they are hit. Once the ball is thrown, anyone may grab it and become "it." If the ball is caught, the thrower must sit down and the person who caught the ball is now "it." The twist is that someone who is sitting down can stand up and be back in the game if the person who hit them has to sit down. Therefore, the game does not end until 1 person ends up hitting every person (doesn't usually happen) or until you call an end to the game due to time.