Rainbow Squiggle Line Drawing

By Emma Hessel When I saw this idea on Relief Teaching Ideas, I just had to try it in the art room! The beauty of this activity is that it’s adaptable to most year levels. I’ve delivered this lesson to students between year 1 and 6 with success. The younger years may not be able to achieve quite the same impact as years 5 or 6, but they sure give it a red hot go! I start this lesson by telling the children we will be doing a line drawing, and show them my own drawing I had prepared earlier. Their faces light up as they take in the psychedelic colours and patterns produced by a simple squiggle! Students only need an A4 piece of paper and a marker to draw their squiggle, followed by twistable crayons or pencils for the colouring. I demonstrate the technique on the board, drawing

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Friendly Fish or Piranha?!

Yesterday I was working in an Art Room & I got one of the classes to make some 'Fish or Piranha' pictures - so much fun! I originally saw this idea on Pinterest. Here is the original link: http://plastiquem.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/peix-o-piranya.html?m=1 I really loved this clever art project & wanted to try it but when I clicked on the link the instructions weren't in English. By looking at the pictures & playing around with some paper, I think I worked out the fold correctly. 1. Start off with a piece of drawing paper. I used an A4 sized piece but if you had more time, students could make A3 sized pictures. 2. Lift up the bottom edge & fold the paper on half. 3. Fold down the top flap. 4. Draw the fish in pencil. Draw in a small smile, close to & touching the fold line. Add spots, scales or lines

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14 Different Hand Print Animals

There are so many cute ideas for handprint crafts out there but i really love how different these ones are to the normal ones you see!! Show the kids these examples & see if they can either replicate or come up with their own designs. If you have an old style projector in your room you could also have some fun with shadow hand puppets. Can they guess each others animals? http://krokotak.com/2013/04/14-ways-to-make-handprint-animals/