Folded Paper Bookmarks

My year 2s made these folded paper bookmarks on Friday.   We followed the directions found on this page: I made some examples to show them first. These would be handy to have on hand in your relief teaching folder too! All you need is paper, scissors, and pencils for decorating. There is no need for photocopied templates which makes it easy. They had to really read and follow the directions carefully but they were all able to make them by themselves. I think they did a fantastic job!  

Book Week Dress Up Reminder Stickers

Here is a little freebie for teachers who would like to stick a reminder into their students' diaries, about the upcoming book week dress up day. These Reminder Labels have been designed to fit a sticker label size of 99.1mm x 34mm. I bought PPS Laser/Inkjet Copier Labels (16 per A4 Sheet) from Office Works. Avery Inkjet J8162 are also the same size. Simply choose the page you would like, place your label paper in your printer and then print off as many as you need! I hope you find them useful!

The Terrible Suitcase Activity

BOOK WEEK Activity The Terrible Suitcase by Emma Allen has been nominated for Early Childhood Book of the Year. Here's an idea to do after reading the book. Students can make a suitcase with some coloured & white A4 paper, scissors & glue. Inside have them write or draw what they would pack if they were going into space. Instead of "The Terrible Suitcase", they can give their suitcase a different name & write it on the front. After they finish you can play the "I'm Going Into Space" game. Quick Game - I'm Going Into Space Packed up a little early? Have a spare 5 minutes? Here's a game that requires no equipment & can be adapted to suit the class. Tell the students that you're going into space. You have an empty rocket that has room to fit them all but they need to bring something special on

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