South Australian Teachers – Registration Changes

*South Australian Teachers* – What type of Professional Development are you doing to meet the new requirements set by the Teachers Registration Board of SA?

Teachers must now complete a minimum of 60 hours of PD to re-register. I went into a full panic when I heard this! It’s hard to access PD when you’re a relief teacher. After a few phone calls & emails, I’m feeling a little better about it now. I won’t need to start recording my PD until 2015 but there are some of you who will be recording already.

Easy PD is an app for teachers to keep a record of their professional development. It costs $0.99 but it’s a handy way of keeping a record of activities, times & even photo evidence! You can also export your records via email.


I’m not affiliated with the makers of this app, nor is this a sponsored post. I just think this is a very handy tool to have! I especially like how it keeps a record of how many hours you have completed!

IMPORTANT INFO- Below are some links to information about the changes, a printable record sheet & a list of acceptable types of PD.

All of the new requirements:

Here is a list of Professional Development that is accepted by the Registration Board (‘Professional reading/listening/viewing’ is referring to Pinterest….right?! 😉 )

Reading an online article, education resource book, viewing teaching practices YouTube clips (like whole brain teaching clips), even using Pinterest is acceptable AS LONG as you correctly reference the Professional Standards you are meeting. You should also keep a journal, recording the ideas & learning you have done, of any professional reading or viewing you undertake.

Here are the Professional Standards that you need to reference in your records:

For an example of how to set out your records, here is a Professional Development Record Summary Sheet:

For more information please refer to the TRB website.