Giraffes Can’t Dance

A picture book that highlights how everyone is different, with their own strengths & weaknesses, and the importance of being true to yourself & respecting other's rights to be different. Activity Ideas: - Make giraffe hats - Use the dancing giraffe template to make a giraffe with moving limbs. - In small groups come up with an animal dance to show the rest of the class (eg - giraffe dance, elephant dance, lion dance, monkey dance). - Warthogs waltzing is an example of alliteration. Can they come up with other animal alliterations? - Reread the story & write a list of the rhyming words. Brainstorm other rhyming words to add to the list. - Retell the story from Gerald the giraffe's point of view. - Design a poster advertising the Jungle Dance.    

Cleaning Tip

Make end of the day cleaning into a game for the kids! Without making it obvious, look for & choose 3 items/pieces of paper that are on the floor. Tell the students that whoever picks up these pieces will be rewarded. This can be with a sticker, house points, small prize from your own prize box, cash cards or whatever it is that the classroom teacher hands out as a reward. A simple idea that works every time!!! A little hint....keep the challenge going until the floor is super tidy, even if the chosen pieces are picked up first! It usually happens in a frenzy anyway because the kids want to make sure they pick up as much as possible to increase their chances.

Trash Can Numbers

This is a quick game that highlights the importance of place value. Great to play at the beginning or end of a lesson. Only equipment needed is one die for the teacher and paper & pencils for students. You can use a 6-10 sided die. 1. Students draw dashes (you choose how big the number will be) & two trash cans. 2. Teacher rolls a die & calls out roll. 3. Students need to decide where to place that number - either on a dash or in a trash can, if they don't wish to use that number. They can't erase a number once it is written. 4. When all the spaces are filled the winner is whoever has the highest number*. *You can change this to whoever has the lowest number for an added challenge! For more quick classroom games that require little to no resources: