Colour Changing Milk

Was the classroom teacher unexpectedly away & unable to leave set work? Can you see that science is one lesson that is usually scheduled for the day? This is an easy science experiment that I originally saw on the Steve Spangler website. It is suitable for all age levels - these photos were taken while I was doing this activity with my 2 year old! Head down to the cafeteria or canteen & see if you can buy some milk. You should also be able to find suitable containers, food dye & a little dish soap from the neighbouring classroom teachers. Colour Changing Milk Equipment: A shallow bowl, plastic plate or a tray (like a cookie baking tray) Food colouring (at least 3 different colours) Whole milk - low fat milk will not work for this experiment Liquid dish washing soap Method: -Carefully pour the milk into the tray so

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Egg, Chicken, Dinosaur

Quick Game - Egg, Chicken, Dinosaur Years ago, a wonderful student teacher of mine taught me this game. It's now a favourite of mine! It's a good warm down game after fitness, requires no equipment & can be played indoors or outdoors. The goal of this game is to work your way up, by beating other players at Rock-Paper-Scissors, to the “position” of king or queen. The order you work up through is egg, chicken, dinosaur, prince or princess and finally to king or queen. Demonstrate to students: - Eggs waddle on the ground in a little ball - Chickens walk and squat while flapping their wings and "clucking" -Dinosaurs "roar" standing up - Princes/princesses "prance" around holding an imaginary scepter - Kings and queens stand to the side, regally & waving royally How to play: -Everyone starts out as an egg. You find another egg and play Rock-Paper-Scissors. -The

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Spelling Sparkle: Teacher calls out a spelling word. Students stand in a circle and each student says one letter of the word. After the last letter of the word is said the next student says "Sparkle" & sits down. If a student misses a letter or is incorrect they also sit down. The teacher then gives them another word. Play continues until the last man is standing. Maths Sparkle: Play is the same except teacher calls out a different number to skip count by & to what number. (eg: count by 5's to 60, count by 3's to 36, or for junior years simply count to 10 or 20)