Message in a Bottle

message in a bottle
Does anyone else buy things because they want to use the packaging it comes in for a lesson? I bought this bottle of cordial (our family doesn't even drink cordial!) because I wanted to use it for a writing prompt. You can also buy similar bottles in discount stores. I just like the idea of reusing items. I usually start the lesson off by telling a story of how I was walking along the beach after a big storm. I describe how there was lots of debris and seaweed washed up on shore. Something caught my eye in one particular pile of seaweed. When I went over to investigate I was surprised to reveal this bottle. I was even more surprised to see that there was a note inside! You can also make the note inside look older by staining it with tea & crumpling it up. After telling my

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Textured Landscapes

***Editor's Note: Thank you to the lovely Emma Hessel for writing this post. Emma is an admin over on our Relief Teaching Ideas Community Facebook Group. She is always sharing fantastic ideas and things that she has used in the classroom. I loved the Textured Landscapes that she shared on the Group page and she very kindly agreed to write up how she does them in the classroom.*** This is one of my favourite art lessons! I originally saw this idea here. Textured landscape drawings are lots of fun, and can be quite relaxing. I've used this lesson across several year levels. The drawings above were created by a year 5/6 class, and those below were kindergarten! Textured landscape drawing is a perfect art lesson for relief teachers as it only requires minimal materials - A4 paper and coloured markers. Usually students will have their own set of textas, or

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Folded Paper Bookmarks

My year 2s made these folded paper bookmarks on Friday.   We followed the directions found on this page: I made some examples to show them first. These would be handy to have on hand in your relief teaching folder too! All you need is paper, scissors, and pencils for decorating. There is no need for photocopied templates which makes it easy. They had to really read and follow the directions carefully but they were all able to make them by themselves. I think they did a fantastic job!