Classroom Photos

I used to love setting up my room at the beginning of the year; I was refreshed after holidays, full of new ideas, and ready for a new school year! I would scour the Internet, looking for inspiration to turn my classroom into a place that both the students & I would love to spend our days in. A classroom that was colourful, without being too zany, a classroom that showcased the students' work, and also inspired them, and a classroom that was organised and made sense to everyone who worked in it. Before Pinterest I used to print off classroom photos I found on the Internet & make up a folder of things I wanted to try. Now it's so much easier with Pinterest. I've become slightly obsessed with clicking that little red 'pin it' button! While searching for photos I did notice that there weren't a huge amount

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What is the Question?

This is an activity that is usually used in maths but I think it also works really well as a revision tool! Simply write an answer on the board, students then write questions to match the answer on post it notes. They can read through their notes or handouts to help them. They can stick their questions around the board. Alternatively, they can write the answer in their books & list questions under or around it. You can use this activity to: - review a person, place or thing - look at a character or setting of a book the class has read - practice number sense (write a number as the answer & students need to write equations to equal that number.) I love how versatile & easy to set up this activity is! Hope you find it useful too!

Peggy by Anna Walker – Book Activity

Peggy by Anna Walker (nominated for Early Childhood Book of the Year) is about a chicken named Peggy. A big gust of wind picks her up and blows her from her quiet street to the big city of Melbourne. She faces her fears & explores the busy city, seeing many new & exciting things, eventually finding her way home. After reading the book, flip through the book again & make a list with the students of all the things she saw and did on her adventure. Show the students how to write a diary entry (Dear diary....). Have students write a diary entry as if they were Peggy - describe what they saw & how they felt. They can then illustrate some of the highlights of Peggy's adventure.