Leaving Feedback for Class Teacher

It's really important to leave feedback for the classroom teacher. This can sometimes be done verbally or by email, but usually it's by leaving notes. A friend of mine used to leave gorgeous cards on the teacher's desk, filling them in with how the day went. It was so nice to return to my class to see the card sitting on my desk! I thought I would share what I use. It's not particularly fancy but it works for me! Feedback Form (updated version) You can find more helpful tips & forms here: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Casual-Relief-Teaching-Tips-Helpful-Forms-and-Checklists-1179364

Cleaning Tip

Make end of the day cleaning into a game for the kids! Without making it obvious, look for & choose 3 items/pieces of paper that are on the floor. Tell the students that whoever picks up these pieces will be rewarded. This can be with a sticker, house points, small prize from your own prize box, cash cards or whatever it is that the classroom teacher hands out as a reward. A simple idea that works every time!!! A little hint....keep the challenge going until the floor is super tidy, even if the chosen pieces are picked up first! It usually happens in a frenzy anyway because the kids want to make sure they pick up as much as possible to increase their chances.