Good Afternoon Judge

Choose one student to be the judge. They stand up the front with their back to the class & their eyes closed. Without saying their name, choose another student to say "Good afternoon Judge" in a disguised voice. The student up the front then turns around & has three guesses of who they think said it. If they get it right they have another turn, if they can't guess the student who managed to trick them becomes the new Judge. Simple idea but kids love it! They love being the detective but most of all they love coming up with silly voices to try to trick the Judge! Great way to end the day after students have packed up the classroom. You can find more of my favourite quick classroom games here:

Read the Teacher’s Mind!

- You can have students play this vocabulary game individually or in small groups. - Teacher writes a category on the board (eg: ice cream flavours, weather, animals that use camouflage, types of transport, space) - Teacher then writes 5 or 10 words associated with the topic on a sheet of paper that students cannot see. These can be typical words or a little obscure if you want to be tricky! - Then give students 5 minutes to write down as many words as they can that relate to the topic. - When time is up, teacher shares the words on their list. Students circle any of the teacher's words that appear on their lists. - Give each student/group a point for each word that matches a word on the teacher's list (you choose if spelling needs to be correct). - Play another round, keep a points tally. The group

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The Ummm Game

The classroom teacher that I did relief work for today, reminded me of this oral language game I used to play when I was a classroom teacher. -Write topics on small pieces of paper (eg: food, weather, birthdays, homework) & place in a container. -Choose a student to come up to the front & select a piece of paper without looking. - The student then has to talk about this topic, as the teacher times them. - Time stops & the student is out as soon as they say "um" or "uh". - Choose another student to come up to choose a topic & have a go. Keep choosing students for as long as you'd like to play the game. - Winner is whoever can speak the longest without saying "um". It's harder than it sounds!!! I've had some students who can't believe that the first word out of their

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