Still Waters

Still Waters - A game to quieten K-3 students quickly *especially good to use before moving to a specialist lesson or assembly* 1. Tell the class that you will be playing a game called "Still Waters" throughout the day. They will know when the game starts when you say, "1,2,3,3,2,1 Still Waters has begun." 2. When they hear this they are to freeze and not say a word or move. 3. Time them to see how long they can stay still as a whole class.The goal is for them to break their best record. 4. You will hold your fist in the air and each time you see someone move or talk, you put a finger up and stop when you have all five up. Let the class know how many seconds they lasted for! 5. By this time you will have their attention and can give them instructions or

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Simon Says Draw!

This is a great listening & giving instructions activity. It's also a bit of fun. :) Without letting the students see your work, draw and call out instructions for them to copy. Try to make some instructions more specific than others. Also throw in a few instructions that don't begin with 'Simon Says' to see how carefully the students are listening! Eg - Simon says draw a large blue rectangle - Simon Says to draw eyes towards the top of the rectangle - Draw a yellow oval in the bottom right hand corner of the rectangle - Simon says to draw orange spikes coming out from the top of the rectangle - Simon says to draw a green triangle in the centre of the rectangle When you've finished your drawing get everyone to reveal their pictures. Who had the same picture? Who didn't? Discuss which instructions were the easier or

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Pac Man

This is a simple game to revise facts. It can be used for any subject & doesn't require any equipment! 1. Students spread around the room. 2. Teacher calls out a question. 3. Students put their hands up if they know the answer. 4. The first hand up to get it right moves one step closer to the nearest person standing next to them (or they can move away from someone!) The goal is to tap the others on the shoulder and get them out of the game. 5.Teacher continues to call out questions. 6. The last person standing wins. Some ideas for this game: - times tables - math facts - spelling - vocabulary definitions - geography questions - foreign language practice (eg: say the word in English, who knows how to say it in Japanese?) - revision of a health, science or social studies unit