Wombat Stew

Yesterday I read Wombat Stew to a group of Receptions (Pre-Primary). The kids loved joining in with the chant 'Wombat stew, wombat stew, gooey, brewy, yummy chewy wombat stew'. We only read the book for enjoyment but there are many great literacy activities that you could do with this book. Here's just a few: 1. As a class search for & list all the words that end in 'y' (gooey, brewy, chewy, yummy, crunchy, munchy, etc) -Brainstorm more 'y' ending words - Create their own verses by following this outline: Wombat Stew, Wombat Stew, _____, _____ _____, _____ Wombat Stew! OR Create a verse for a different concoction like Kangaroo Cake, Platypus Pudding or Emu Soup. 2. Students write up a recipe for an unusual soup, stew or pudding. Create a class example first so students know how to set out a recipe. 3. As you read it out loud

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Giraffes Can’t Dance

A picture book that highlights how everyone is different, with their own strengths & weaknesses, and the importance of being true to yourself & respecting other's rights to be different. Activity Ideas: - Make giraffe hats https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B1jdmGTSQN0IVHhPNFVrRWNFMUU/edit?usp=sharing&pli=1 - Use the dancing giraffe template to make a giraffe with moving limbs. http://www.teachingideas.co.uk/library/books/_files/dancinggiraffe.pdf - In small groups come up with an animal dance to show the rest of the class (eg - giraffe dance, elephant dance, lion dance, monkey dance). - Warthogs waltzing is an example of alliteration. Can they come up with other animal alliterations? - Reread the story & write a list of the rhyming words. Brainstorm other rhyming words to add to the list. - Retell the story from Gerald the giraffe's point of view. - Design a poster advertising the Jungle Dance.