Wash Your Face In Orange Juice

Peter Combe songs illustrated in a picture book! Might need to buy this one... It includes: -Wash Your Face in Orange Juice -Stuck in a Pizza -Spaghetti Bolognese  & a CD for the kids to sing along to. Below is a link for a paper plate pizza making activity to go with this book. http://www.thelittlebigbookclub.com.au/resources/wash-your-face-in-orange-juice-activity-time. 

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat by Britta Teckentrup Simple text & illustrations. Great for junior primary. After reading students can: - Write what made the cat so grumpy, what makes them grumpy & what they would do to cheer the cat up. - On a simple cat head shaped piece of card, they can make a 2 sided picture of the cat - 1 side grumpy, 1 side happy. -Can create either a mask or a puppet with their 2 sided picture. - Discuss how ignoring or leaving someone out can make them sad. What can they do if they see someone sad or by themselves in the playground. - Role play using puppets/masks

Miss Nelson Is Missing

miss nelson
Who else remembers this book when they were at school? This is the perfect book for your Relief Teaching Bag! I bought my copy here.* The lovely teacher of the unruly Room 207, Miss Nelson, goes missing & is replaced by the meanest substitute teacher ever, Miss Swamp! What will the class do? How will they get their teacher back? Activities to go with 'Miss Nelson is Missing': Venn Diagram comparing Miss Nelson & Miss Swamp Missing person poster for Miss Nelson Missing person poster for their own teacher Students write own version about where they think THEIR teacher is that day. Collate their stories to create a class book "Miss/Mrs/Mr _______ is Missing!" Write classroom rules for Room 207 & create a poster displaying these rules Discussion about the importance of rules & then create a class code of conduct (better suited for when you have your own class)

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