Math Warm Up Game

Here's a super short post about a quick little maths game. I like it because it gets kids moving around, while practicing basic math facts! I find it works best for years 1-3 but I've even played it with some year 6's who thought it was a bit of fun! I guess it depends on the class you have! Here's how you play: - Have students move around/dance to music. - When the music stops, call out a question (like 3 + 4 or 10 - 5). - Students need to work out the answer & then touch the ground with that many body parts (e.g. 3 + 4 = 7... Place down 2 feet & 5 fingers or 2 feet, 1 elbow & 4 fingers) - Have students call out the answer & then start the music again for the next round. See what happens when you say 5

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What is the Question?

This is an activity that is usually used in maths but I think it also works really well as a revision tool! Simply write an answer on the board, students then write questions to match the answer on post it notes. They can read through their notes or handouts to help them. They can stick their questions around the board. Alternatively, they can write the answer in their books & list questions under or around it. You can use this activity to: - review a person, place or thing - look at a character or setting of a book the class has read - practice number sense (write a number as the answer & students need to write equations to equal that number.) I love how versatile & easy to set up this activity is! Hope you find it useful too!

Popcorn Maths

We're a little popcorn mad at the moment. My almost 3 year old has recently discovered the fun of making & eating popcorn from our air popper. A lot safer (but probably not as exciting) as the pot & oil my dad used to use! As kids, we used to stand around the stove, trying to catch the pieces flying out of the pot! When I saw this writing prompt idea from 'Apples to Appliqué' on Pinterest, the red & white popcorn box immediately caught my eye! I thought it would make a fun maths activity. I had some popcorn boxes that I had bought from Woolworths. I found them near the party supplies, in case you were interested! I filled the popcorn boxes with crumpled up pieces of yellow and white paper. I didn't bother to make popcorn shapes but that would be cute if you had the

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