Silent Ball Challenge!

Kids need a brain break? Not enough time or too cold & wet outside for a fitness game? Here's a quick indoor game that kids love! Objective of the game: to get every student to catch & throw the ball, silently & without dropping it, in the least amount of time. -Students, standing up, spread around the room. -Hand one student a soft medium/small sized ball. -Teacher times the students -Students pass the ball silently to each other. Once they throw the ball they must sit down on the floor, where they are. -If anyone talks or drops the ball everyone must stand up & the timer is set again! -encourage team work & strategy so that they can finish the challenge!

Race Against the Ball

Equipment: Ball 1. Divide the class into two teams. 2. One team stands in a circle, arm span apart. The other team stands in a line, to the side, near the circle. 3. When teacher blows the whistle or says "Go", the team in the circle passes the ball around the circle. *Teacher will need to keep count how many times they pass the ball completely around the circle. 4. The other team take turns running around the outside of the circle, tagging the next person in line when they return & then sitting down. 5. Once the running team have all gone around the circle, stop the throwing team. 6. Swap over. >The team who passes the ball around the circle the most is the winner!

Golden Child

This is a game well known & loved by the kids at the school I last worked at & still do relief work for... - You will need access to a basketball court & ball - Split class into two teams - One team lines up in front of the basketball hoop (shooting team) - The other team (the running team) lines up to the side, on the corner of the basketball court, & must choose a "Golden Child" who will be their last runner and stand at the end of the line. - When the teacher blows the whistle to begin, the shooting team takes turns shooting for a goal. At the same time the first person in line on the running team starts running around the outside of the basketball court. When they return they tag the next runner. - If the shooting team gets a goal the

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