Quick and Easy Lesson Ideas

Relief teaching can be stressful at times! Some days you show up and no work has been set or resources haven't been left for the lessons planned. Relief teachers often need to think on their feet and come up with lessons on the spot. This booklet of ideas came from a competition we ran on our Facebook group. To enter, members posted their favourite activity that required little to no resources or preparation. You can download it here: Relief Teaching Ideas to the Rescue We were blown away with how many people responded! Thank you to all of the RTI members who contributed to this booklet. There were so many fantastic ideas shared. We will be trying a lot of them ourselves! I have decided to keep this as a free download. The ideas all came from our members who wanted to contribute to the book. This book belongs to all

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Movie Camera Game

The Movie Camera Game is a fun fitness activity that doesn't require any equipment. Students move around a set area, according to what the teacher calls out. Play = walk around Pause = jump Stop = freeze Fast Forward = run Rewind = move backwards Slow Motion = move very slowly Delete = lay face first on the ground For an added twist you can also announce what type of scene they need to act out. Some examples of scenes to act out: -An African safari with animals roaming around - People walking to work in the city - Fish swimming under the sea - Farm animals in a barn

Beanbag Scavenger Hunt

Equipment: As many cones as you can find! Beanbags (15-20) - Try to set up without students watching you (send them for a warm up run around the oval!) - Place cones scattered on playing field/court. - Hide beanbags under the cones (you will need more cones than beanbags). - Split class into groups of 3 or 4. - Groups line up along the edge of playing field. - One person from each team will run out onto playing field & choose a cone to look under. If there is a beanbag they take it back to their team & tag the next player to run to a cone. - If there's not a beanbag under the cone they return to their team & the whole team has to do 5 jumping jacks (this is optional - you can decide if you want them to do this) & then the

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