Pasta Skeletons

Here's a fun activity to do! After kids have been learning about the skeletal system, have them create a pasta skeleton. I bought as many different types of pasta as I could find at the grocery store. I gave students black card, glue & q-tips & let them choose what types of pasta they would use to come up with their own designs! They were allowed to refer to diagrams of the human skeleton, that they had in their health books & that I had displayed in the room. When the students were finished, they labelled their skeleton using lead pencil. I loved how each of their skeletons was unique!

Spring Forward Craft

Daylight savings kicked in for most Australian states this past weekend. I grew up in Western Australia, a state that doesn't have daylight savings. Since moving to Adelaide I would find myself confused every time it came around. Do I add or take away an hour? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE it! It's nice not to be woken up at 5am by the sun blazing through the windows. Someone, very helpfully, told me the trick to remember which way the clocks go - "Spring forward, Fall back". Since then I've managed not to get the clock change wrong. (Although it sometimes still takes a month or so until I change my car clock over!) To help kids remember which way the clocks change, I came up with this super simple clock craft. Students draw a clock face on the inner part of a paper plate. I prefer students draw

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Rotational Symmetry Names

Rotational Symmetry - the shape or image can be rotated and it still looks the same. In this activity students create a picture that has rotational symmetry, using their name as their starting point. It is a great activity to add to your relief teacher folder because it does not require any photocopying. The only materials needed are white paper & textas or coloured pencils to decorate. STEP ONE Trim an A4 or A3 piece of paper to make a square. I folded one corner over to make a triangle & then trimmed off the extra bit on the end. When I opened up the triangle, a square was left. STEP TWO Fold the piece of paper in half to make a rectangle. STEP THREE Fold it in half again, to make a square. STEP FOUR Fold over one corner to make a triangle. STEP FIVE With lead pencil, write

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