Line Art

- Looks complicated but is actually pretty easy! Filling in for an Art Specialist with no set work for the day? Have an afternoon to fill? This is a great activity to teach students about lines, colour matching & shading. All you need is A4 paper, black textas & coloured pencils. If you want it to be a smaller project use A5 sized paper & have students draw only 6 dots on their wavy line. The photo shows examples that I drew up. I keep them in my Relief Folder - just in case! I love the easy, step by step instructions that can be found in the link below. If I can do it, anyone can!


A good friend of mine introduced me to this Scottish folk song. There are many versions of this song. I like the spaghetti version . I also love how you can get the kids involved by getting them to choose what Aikendrum is made of. Check out the link below to hear the tune & see an example of kids creating their own lyrics. After they sing the song, students can create their own pictures of Aikendrum & label what he is made of. Aikendrum Lyrics: There was a man lived in the moon, in the moon, in the moon. There was a man lived in the moon and his name was Aikendrum. And he played upon a ladle, a ladle, a ladle. He played upon a ladle and his name was Aikendrum. And his hair was made of spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti. His hair was made of spaghetti and

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